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Christine Smith

I am a food lover and love to cook using the best quality fresh produce I can find wherever I am. Why? Because for me the pleasure of food starts with cooking, I want to know what I am eating and cooking is cheaper than takeaway, so I get bigger bang for my buck. Most importantly food connects people and I love sharing food with people as much as I like cooking.

Day to day I teach people of all ages and abilities to cook simple meals with fresh ingredients with just a few utensils.

You can too. Anyone can cook. Honestly!

  • 1 on 1 Mentoring

    Get inspired to jump out of bed everyday, knowing you are creating good in the world for others.

  • Workshops

    Dig deep into your passions and explore what you want to fix in the world, find new friends who share the same values.

  • Immersive Retreats

    Spend 2 weeks cooking up a ‘storm’ & immerse yourself in life changing challenges.

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“I can’t believe I waited so long to pivot into my biggest dream. Don’t waste another minute.”

Susan Young, Founder

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